For weddings

The bride and groom are sure that there will be no happier day in their life than the wedding. Therefore, for this day, they are looking for a special place, a natural refuge, which would be as natural and true as their love. This farmhouse for weddings surprises with its comfort, because the interior is created between minimalism and luxury. This golden middle in Vištytis homestead is charming in all seasons, because it always has something to offer.

Many bedrooms, various entertainment options and a sufficiently spacious hall where all the guests are seated and there is room for dancing and wedding games. The owners of the homestead are happy that a large number of newlyweds still organize traditional weddings. In addition, he jokes that there is definitely room for the suitor's basket, and he will find another fresh potato for the bride to shave.

A wedding is a celebration that, if you're lucky, only happens once in a lifetime, so most of the newlyweds-to-be don't have the experience to plan a big celebration. We are unique in that you will not need the services of increasingly popular and expensive wedding planners when organizing a wedding at the Vištytis farm. We will solve the wedding organization issues (banquet hall decoration, catering, etc.), and you, the newlyweds, will only have to enjoy your special day.

For weddings at Vištytis farmstead, the environment is arranged by landscaping specialists, so the young people will surely find interesting corners for a festive photo session. You won't have to look for a separate place, drive somewhere far and bother your guests. Thus, the photographer will be able to comfortably record not only the natural moments of the celebration, but also plan the time for the photo session. The unique images of Vištytis are perfect for this, make sure you visit the photo gallery.