Homestead rules

Rules of internal order in the rural tourism homestead, ,,POILSIS VIŠTYTYJE“

These rules are binding on all guests. Each guest must comply with the requirements set forth in these rules.

1. Registratūra dirba kasdien nuo 8:00 iki 20:00 val. Svečių įsiregistravimas nuo 16:00 iki 20:00 val. Išsiregistravimas nuo 8:00 iki 11:30 val.

2. At the time of registration, the guest must present an identity document. Only registered persons can stay in the cabins. Extra person 25 euros per night.

3. If you do not agree in advance and bring an animal, a fee of 25 euros per day is charged

4. The guest pays for services on the day of arrival.

5. Homestead quiet hours 18:00-9:00

6. Furniture is not moved or taken outside (fee 100 euros)

7. Bed covers are not taken outside (fee 50 euros)

8. Homestead is not responsible for valuable items or documents left by guests.

9. The homestead staff does not manage the personal belongings of vacationers.

10. Rooms, bed linen and towels are changed after 5 days of stay.

11. The guest is responsible for damaged homestead inventory and damage (assessed by the homestead administration).

12. Smoking is prohibited in the homestead premises. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a fine of 50 euros.

13. Minors can use homestead services and entertainment only together with adults accompanying them.

14. When leaving, please return the key to the reception (if the key is lost, the fee is 10 euros).

15. It is not allowed to engage in activities that contradict the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in the cabins.

16. In the event of an accident, contact the reception desk or call tel. 112

17. The homestead reserves the right to move the belongings in the cottages to the protected premises, when the guest arrives before 12:00 p.m. does not vacate the premises.

18. The homestead owner has the right to evict from the cottage early those who do not comply with and grossly violate the homestead's internal rules, as well as demand compensation for damage.


Vilmantas Arbatauskas, owner of the rural tourism homestead